February 23, 2010

Pretties I Yearn

Today I am liking all things pretty...I am just in a pretty mood! Can't stand this lovely wonderful feeling. Well take a look at my pretties...

1. Tutu's! I really want to find a cute white or light pink one!

2. Refinished books are to die for...me thinks I will make some this upcoming weekend

3. Felt Pillows, my friend Jac made some and I finally found a DIY tutorial on how to make them ...yayness! -

4. Oval style Victorian Rings - SO CUTE! Lost where i found this, but I found it on etsy

5. Panda Pair Art so sweet and adorable!

Well that is all for now. I am off to class...oh wait, I have a funny story - last night i must have had a cookie before I went to bed because I just couldn't sleep properly. I dreamn't I was in the Olympics, and I was late. Then I was attacked by evil villians from russia, (they must have won a gold metal yesterday or super sunday or something..haha). Toodles

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