June 22, 2013

Our Baby Turns One

So it happened people! Our sweet little newborn is a grown one year old. We are all officially traumatized on how quickly our sweet year has gone. It has been so fun and so beautiful to see the world through his eyes. There is much to say about our son, his love for adventure and his 'no fear' persona. He is a boy that loves life. We love him for that. We have many dreams for our Winston. He is our world. We love being his parents and can't tell you the amount of Joy he brings to our life. We love being a family.

For Winston's first birthday we celebrated with a few of his favourite things - balloons, books, playing, children, exploring, and cake to name a few.

We love you always, Winston Joshua. Oh, and no more growing up please.

*Our theme was 'Oh The Places You'll Go'. We used recycled trader joe bags for the airplanes, discounted kraft letters, and poster board for the clouds from the dollar store, we saved money purchasing our own helium tank from good ol' walmart for $20 {our biggest splurge} and with a bulk bag of white balloons for $5. We gave the balloons as party favors in addition to some 5 cent candy. We love to party people!*

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  1. So cute! Love this and love the "officially traumatized" :) We're excited to see you guys soon for a little bit before you start your next adventure!