July 5, 2013

Lovely Summer Days {New Mexico}

^^At the baseball game^^

To start our summer off just right, Laurel flew Winston and I out to New Mexico for a week. We had so much fun, winston and I felt so spoiled and had so much fun spending one on one time with the kiddies. Plus Laurel is a flipping awesome cook and winston was in heaven. He loves Auntie Laurel's cooking. I definitely learned some skills while I was there. Unfortunately, while we were visiting I came down with bronchitis and the start of pneumonia so I was completely out for a couple of days living off naps and anti-biotics. Then poor Winston got sick so for a few days there we survived loading up on antibiotics and vitamin C and in the end it all worked out. Our time in ABQ was the best and we can't thank Dan and Laurel enough for letting us join in on the fun. I love the Gardiner Family.

I use to think one kid with no real demanding schedule kept me busy enough but once I learned the many talents of my sweet sister in-law going to each game, lesson, sleep-over, activity with her kids, meals - holy man! My life is no where near as busy. I promise to never ever tell anyone how busy I am, ha! *wink wink* You supermoms out there, amaze me. I want to be you when you grow up. Here that Mom, Carla, sister-in-laws, friends? your my hero. moms are amazing and one day I hope to be anywhere near as amazing as you.

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