July 24, 2013

Lovely Summer Days {Part 1}

It is very late here. I am sitting here sifting through my photos of our time in saskatchewan and my heart is smiling so big. I love my canadian summers. I am so glad we were able to go home this past summer and squeeze all of our family and friend time in a mere 5 weeks. It was tough saying goodbye to husbuddy for 5 weeks but at the same time, we couldn't wait to spend time with our family back home before we moved across the sea *bittersweet*. I am a prairie girl through and through so seeing the prairies everyday really sparked my happiness ten fold. It is my happy place.

we spent our days sipping canadian slurpees and 7-11 dollar drinks almost everyday. We indulged in our one and only Siagon by Night {the spring rolls are divine}. I am kind of a spring roll snob and take the position very seriously. If you have a good spring roll, I am eating it. ha! ;) If your in Regina please go eat one for me. Please?!
any chance we could we were at the lake or pool soaking up every ounce of sun. Both grandma's had enormous backyards and lots of things to explore for Winston. We basically spent about 3/4 of our time outside in the yard which would explain the vasts amount of vitamin D tan.
Winston LOVED his cousins so much. He played all day long everyday. He had his first ice-cream cone all to himself and was spoiled by grandpa eating lots of fruit snacks. We felt very lucky to be home.

*more to come*

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