July 26, 2013

Lovely Summer Days {Part 2}

^^winston's first time at the beach for the summer^^

Winston was fearless at the firework show. He was completely silent, mouth wide open, with the biggest eyes as he watched the Canada Day Firework Show go off. We spent our day with the Gardiner/Yawney family out of town on a quiet beach and in the evening, I joined my auntie cilla, cousins, and brother while we watched the firework show at Wascana. Happy Canada Day indeed!

While we were home we were able to visit lots of our friends in Regina. You might remember one of winston's girlie-friends Sydney. Oo I love this girl. She has my heart she does. Since our last visit at christmas, miss little Sydney has grown so much! My lovely friend dannice and I were pregnant at the same time, so our babies are quite close. :). When we visited together the babies were snacking, playing, and devising ways to escape outside. ha! silly babies. I love being able to see all the babies in my life grow. 

Birthdays! Our summer was filled with so many birthdays! I'm pretty sure we ate cake every week for someone's birthday. What better way to celebrate birthdays than a day at Ipsco park filled with friends, swimming, animals, and giant slides.

*more summer fun to come*

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