July 27, 2013

Lovely Summer Days {Part 3}

^^Grandma Yawney to the rescue!^^
^^winston doesn't seem happy that he isn't jumping. no more photos mom!^^
Janine and the kids came to Canada during the same time we were home too so obviously there was plenty of cousin time. Addriana and Gracie were the perfect baby mama's for mr. independent Winston and especially me,  are so thankful for their help. Honestly, every mom needs a baby mama in their life! For real, age 7 - 11 year old girls are the perfect age for just that. eep. Cruz and Noah were the best pals much like his other boy cousins, they all just sort of clicked. Winston eyes lit up anytime any of his cousins were around. He loved, loved playing with them at all and any moment of the day. The happiness in his eyes were heart-melting. He loves his cousins so much. I am so thankful I have such great nieces and nephews.

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