July 29, 2013

Sweet Summer Days {Part 4}

^^oh man, cute little puppy escaped and licked winston's face all over. He wasn't ready for it. He had just woken up from a nap here and was totally surprised. ha!^^
^^also winston teethed on and off a lot this summer^^

I love fishing lake. I love my mom. Winston was spoiled by grandma lots while we visited home this summer. Those two were inseparable, she took him on quad rides, lawn mower rides, played at the park, took him for walks, let me sleep in, she even made us breakfast. I love my mom. It is good being home and eating home cooked meals. I am not that good of a cook so I can't tell you how thankful we were so blessed to have home-cooked meals from grandma nanaquwetung and grandma yawney. #luckyus. :) We spent our days at the beach soaking up the sun and digging in the sand. Everyday we set up our lawn chairs and played, took naps, you name it. I loved every ounce of ray. I wish my little sisters - Tenesha and Alisha would let me take photo's of them. I only caught like one or two of them  yet somehow they would always have a hand over their face. One day ladies! Winston loved his aunties so much. Auntie Alisha and Auntie Tenesha were always playing and laughing with Winston. He would always call for them early in the morning to wake up. Poor night owls aunties were such great sports. Auntie Kayla was away or working a lot so we weren't able to see her for very long but our time together was awesome as always. Winston was always amazed with Uncle Denny and Danny, they are both so tall and cool. He hung around them as much as he could.

While we were home we also visited my dad who also lives in Fishing Lake. Of course winston basked in good eats and treats, and sweet toys. Grandparents are the bomb, I swear sometimes I feel like I am chop-liver but I don't think I would have it any other way.

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