August 8, 2013

The Falls

^^^He wanted to sit and stand by himself on the rails. Little independent didn't agree with us.^^^

I think this place is perhaps the most majestic and terrifying place I've ever been too. Josh and I were always telling each other to be careful and to not lean to close to the railing. ha! Finally, we found a deep patch of grass and felt brave enough to let winston see what all the fuss was about. He was pretty curious about the water {he is a big fan of water, course! *yikes*}. It got our hearts pumping when he was trying to run away from us so he could sit or stand by himself. Winston has no fear... ever, so his independence was put on hold during our visit and he wasn't too impressed with us. 

We discovered early on that there was going to be a sweet firework show late in the evening that I could not wait for. I was more than excited and had everyone's evening gear all ready to go. We packed Winston's jammie's for later that evening, enjoyed some timmie's, and soaked it all in {no pun intended}. Josh and I held hands while we watched the fireworks go off and watched the light show on the falls.We were more than happy that the timing worked out for us to come here. To end our night with a bang, the minute after the firework show ended, it poured. We ran to our car in the rain soaked from head-to-toe happy, tired and ready to head back to the burgh.

Thank you Niagara Falls for a lovely trip.

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