August 9, 2013

A Day Trip

^^^ Timmies of course! ^^^
^^^Leaving the GTA^^^ 

^^^winston showing me his beach find^^^
^^^Felt like we were stranded on an island. ^^^
So a couple of weekends ago our little family of three made a quick trip to Toronto to get some paperwork done. We woke up extra early and dashed ourselves to the Great White North. It is so nice that Pittsburgh is so central to so many lovely places. Pittsburgh is amazing in general but it's also really cool that we can go anywhere in a close distance within hours (for us anyways. we are from saskatchewan and we travel by hours not kilometers... or miles, I guess. ha!).

We were only in the city for a few hours but we had fun during our short time there. We were trying to make it to Niagara Falls before sundown. On our way to the Falls, we spotted from the road a place called Jordan's Habour. It was breath-taking! Winston and I were both sleeping when the car stopped and I was more than happy, happy, happy! Winston needed the break and the sight for me, literally had my heart pumping. ha! Winston searched and ate his treasures along the beach shore which included a selection of sticks and rocks. :) It was a great 30 minute pit stop for all of us to stretch our legs and kick back. Oh, Jordan's Habour how you lit up our lives.

I'll be back to share our Niagara Falls experience!

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