July 3, 2012

Winston Joshua Yawney

Our son was born June 22 @ 6:28am. He was 8lbs 15 ounces. We are very blessed he is a healthy, big baby boy. 

There are a few items that have changed my perspective on life. I am a real mother. Joshua is a father. I have a son. We are parents. 

Growing old and spending forever with my eternal companion is something else - I have always known that this is happiness. However, growing a baby in my tummy, giving birth to our son, and raising our child together has increased our happiness and love for one another ten folds. I am so proud of Joshua. He is a great father and a great man. This is a whole new level of happy.  

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  1. What a nice looking Yawney double chin!

  2. OH he is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the little hat you have on him too. Beautiful pictures dear :)

  3. Cute. :)

    I have a question on something else. I followed you from another blog saying you had taught a felt flower pillow at Super Saturday. My ward is wanting me to teach this at our Super Saturday. I'm wondering if you used the thicker felt on rolls of the small rectangles - I worry about the rectangles not being thick enough to hold. Also where did you get your pillows and how did you offer a variety of colors/materials on the pillows? Did you just go shopping to a bunch of different stores and offer the pillows for different prices or did you have an online source to make it easier?

    1. Hey Positively Patty. I am so sorry I did not see this message until now. this probably won't help seeing how it was this past saturday or two ago. just finished moving and unpacking.

      fyi - I got the assortment of pillows from superstore on sale that came up a month before the supersaturday for super cheap so I just picked a few of the colours they had. For the rectangled ones I learned later on that the petals fell off more easily over time. so maybe next time i around I would pass on the rectangled and get a solid flat pillow (mine was flat & lasted longer).

      sorry about the late reply!

  4. sweet pics.
    We have cousins in England!