August 11, 2013

Hot Metal Bridge

***Catch up***

On our last sunday before we left Pittsburgh we finally made it on over to Hot Metal Bridge in Pittsburgh. If you haven't already figured it out by now, pittsburgh has a lot of bridges. I've become a huge fan of bridges because of this great city. During the first weeks we moved to Pittsburgh in 2012, our first objective was to walk Hot Metal Bridge and of course, I waited until the very last moment to go to it. Ha! Good Ol' me, always behind or late. Winston is quite fascinated with everything lately. He loves to walk on his own and point at everything. He blurbs something in baby babble and I say yes, what's this and tell him what it is. I also happen to do this everywhere so basically I am just talking to myself and winston does the pointing. #momlife. I love that we spent our sunset over looking the burgh'. It was great to just get away from the nothing'ness of our apartment. I love Pittsburgh and will miss it while we are away.

farewell Pittsburgh. Til' next year Hot Metal Bridge. 

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