August 14, 2013

Classic Burgh

 ^^ Winston playing his wee little heart out before the family photo-shoot^^

We've been crazy busy trying to get things organized this last week and I just had to share our anticipated photo-shoot on the yellow bridge. The best part about this bridge was that it was right next to a good ol' fashion american baseball game. The view was insanely gorgeous and I just can't believe that we finally have all three of us captured in one lovely moment. Before the photo-shoot, we let winston run wild {his most favourite thing}. It was so cute to see him so excited about his new surroundings. I love that he loves to explore and it kills me when we are able to capture such sweet moments of him doing his own little thing.

I am so very happy for Liz's brilliance in a family photo-swap. THANK YOU Girl. She is absolutely great and I am so grateful. Pittsburgh is so good to us, we don't deserve it. :)

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