August 27, 2013

See you later tour

^^starting the long drive with a long nap^^
^^Freedom break in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba at Crystal's^^
^^storm chasing^^
^^RCMP building tour by our favourite rcmp ever!^^
^^so long saskatchewan^^
^^our quick stop so joshua can take a school phone-call #picturesque^^
^^ road-trip over^^

We drove to Canada before we drove to Albuquerque to get some appointments out of the way, visit family one last time, and to drop off our car for the year. We had loads of fun. After the last flying disaster trip experience I was so relieved to be driving. We headed to see our great friend Crystal in Manitoba, visited a blog-friend in Winnipeg, scored a huge driving ticket by accident, and pulled into saskatchewan with family waiting for our arrival. Our time in Saskatchewan was short but we managed to squeeze in more visits with good friends, enjoy some slurpee's, attend a powwow, and visit my mom in Fishing Lake again. It was incredibly exhausting but every bit of fun. I love my family and friends. 

We left monday afternoon ready to drive-thru straight to new mexico. We saw about 45-60 deer in herds through the night which kept us both wide awake and safe thank goodness. We saw the colorado mountains, the new mexico desert and mountains but mostly of all, we made it to the Yawney Family just in time for a sweet hoorah of fun before our big move.

oh the love.

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