October 26, 2010

My Girl to Mrs

You know what I was thinking? How do we go from this...

to this...

Who are we? What do we become? What make's us unique? So I was reading this phenomenal post and it said to identify qualities that make US unique. This blog suggested that we write things down. I thought this was a great idea since the blogging world is fairly new to me. I have been extremely ecstatic to read other blogs and receive information, knowledge and brilliant new ideas on how to make my life FUN! Alright so this is what I have so far...

What I love: 

  • The Gospel
  • Husbuddy
  • My families 
  • Disneyland
  • Shoes
  • Fashion
  • Comfy Blanky, caramel popcorn and a movie night in.
  • Polka Dots 
  • Dresses
  • Earrings
  • Pearls
  • Hair Accessories = obsessed!!!
Where I shop:
  • Aldo Accessories
  • Aldo Shoes
  • Superstore
  • DownEastBasics
  • Target
  • Suzy Shier
  • Winners
  • HomeSense
My favorite colors
  • Gold
  • white
  • orange
  • beige
  • yellow
  • Pink
  • Grey
My hobbies:
  • Making things - anything
  • Reading Novels & Blogs
  • Shopping
  • Budgeting - luckily this hobby balances with my shopping hobby
  • Organizing - I am obsessed and I am total perfectionist
  • Decorating everything
  • Taking Pictures
  • Party and event planning
  • Working - I am a workaholic
My Collections:
  • Shoes - seriously I am almost always have two pairs with me.
  • Craft Stuff
  • Clothes
  • Magazines - with particular fashion items
  • Chick Flick Movies

What makes you, you?

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