November 27, 2010

Happy 50th!!!!

Today is my 50th post for the blog. 

So I decided to celebrate with what sorta of got me into making my own blog. Pillows - I saw this cute blog about how to make felt pillows and I instantly fell in love. Then I made one of my own and here it is. I am big fan of pillows. Last night, before bed around 3:00am (p.s we were up about 8:00am...we are crazy I know, but that is what naps are for if we took em? Eh?),  I was talking to Josh and telling him that we should redecorate our bedroom into pink and cream colours. He just laughed. So I guess I won't be turning my room pink and beige for some time. I try to be understandable with Josh so our room colours are gold and beige with little splashes of lovely colours here and there. He doesn't mind any colour really, except that I need to stick with one.

Any who, here is my pillow set on my bed. I think what is missing from the picture is our memory foam pillows burrowed deep beneath the two pillows that look like pillows we should be sleeping on, but nope we are divas and need better pillows.

P.s that flowered felt pillow is the one that I made for our room. Totalling 9 pillows on our bed. 

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