November 20, 2010

Things that keep me sane

It's hectic busy in my life right now. I have two assignments due next week, so I have been working hard to get them done ahead of time. The next week after that I will have one 45% research paper due. That I started about a month ago, now I just need to finish it. Then two more assignments, then exams. Surprisingly through working, cleaning and studying I have found time to blog. The truth is as I write my thoughts down it totally destresses me and keep me sane. Down below are some of things that keep me sane;

1. Going to the movies with my Husbuddy
  • Josh and I went to Harry Potter midnight showing on Thursday night/Friday morning (Midnight showing). Their were some crazy fans dressed up as owls... (umm very dedicated).To my surprise their were a lot of nerds there, including Josh and I. For the line up, we brought our iphones to work on our papers and readings. This one fellow student brought her mini lap top to work on an essay. Many other folks brought their DS's and PSP's to play video games. They were having issues with the projector at first, which delayed the movie by 5 mins, however when all was said and done ...the movie finally started. As soon as the movie started the packed theatre was dead silent. Seriously, complete silence. Best movie experience of my life, and I think we will always see movies at midnight. Even if I get my late night grumpies early the next evening.
2. Booster Juices - a healthy meal (for on the go).
3. Good music - a good beat keeps me steady
  • Every week I have a new favorite song and then I buy it at itunes and listen to it over and over and over again. I love it.
4. A granola bar - to give me substance and energy

 5. The most important thing is my scriptures- they keep me at peace and happy
  • I wish my phone could take a picture of itself, but the gospel library application is wonderful. I can take notes and study all of the church articles in an instant.
6. A desk to do my homework.

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