December 1, 2010

Welcome December: Do you miss the sun yet?

Well, I was going through some of my fall photos and found this lovely photo. I was thinking, man I sooOOOoooo appreciate the warmth of summer and fall. Especially at this moment when I feel cold and currently wearing knee high socks and today's high is -9 (which technically isn't that bad). Hmm, I should really try and be more grateful. lol.
Josh always, always tells me when I have something negative to say about anything, I need to say 3 things I am grateful for.

  1. My lovely sisters
  2. My brother Denny's beautiful long hair. After 14 years of never cutting it ever (except for the 1cm trims) he is getting ready to get his hair cut. It is sad, but he has been wanting this for a long time. In our culture hair is sacred, and that is why he has never cut it. My mom is great in that she gives us the opportunity to choose for ourselves, after she has counselled us and when we have reached that age. Just sad and grateful that he has had his hair for this long. My brother is very tall - I am thinking he just hit 6 feet (and still growing btw) and his hair is a little more than half his size. I also love my brother Danny, he is so funny and he always cheers me with his remarks. He is a very caring and loving brother.
  3. My mom and her willingness to help anyone no matter where they are or what they need. She is a great example of service and good works.
Okay and one more, Josh of course. Last night, he rubbed my back and feet until I fell asleep. He was extremely quiet when he woke up this morning to go to school. I was able to get 11 hours of sleep finally LOL. 4 hrs of sleep everynight for nearly two weeks was starting to wear me down. But now I am ready for the upcoming last term papers, assignments and final exams 7 to go.

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