January 8, 2011

A Great Man

Of the many men I have come to know this one I will always remember, Carl Lawson. Since I have met my sweetheart I have learned that his middle name is Carl. He was given this name after his mother's father. This past holiday we were privileged to have the opportunity to meet him. During our short time with him, we learned a life-time of stories and experiences of him and his family.
Ever since I can remember, I loved hearing stories that happened to my mother and her family. I was delighted to be able to listen to this great man. He had many stories of where he worked, the people he met and the woman he loves. This great man did so many things I was completely amazed. Here are some of the many things he did in his life; he served in World War II, served his mission in Hawaii Japanese speaking, worked at Folsom prison at a time, met with Spencer W. Kimball, and loves an amazing woman who passed away in 2009. He shared of the many miracles in his life, and told us of his past year goals such as 40 sessions in 40 days at the temple and his goal of 110 sessions before the end of the year. He amazed me, plus he made good pudding with ice-cream. Of my most favourite quality he loves "Chick Flicks" - my kind of grandpa. He definitely increased my testimony of Jesus Christ and my love for Joshua Carl Yawney.
P.s we also went to Folsom Prison - so cool.

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