February 10, 2011

How to quit facebook, then fail.

I don't know how many times I have tried to 'quit' facebook. I have tried to quit because a considerable amount of my free-time is consumed in the world of facebook. It's not that I spend every waking hour on facebook b/c like everyone else I work, go to school, do laundry, go on date nights, shop, etc. I suppose it doesn't help that I have my iphone and the facebook application on the go b/c it comes with me everywhere.

Here is what will happen if I quit facebook and ...

  • need to create an event and invite people to it - then fail 
  • need to get a hold of a bestie b/c there phone is busy, text is busy but I know they will be on facebook - then fail
  • need a place to upload my photos - then fail
  • need a place to attach a link that goes back to my blog - then fail
  • need to find out the latest gossip on relationships - then fail
  • need to know how the weather is first thing in the morning - then fail
  • need to know if the roads are good - then fail
  • need to see the latest discounts from my "liked" groups - then fail
  • need to see how my sister is doing on her travels - then fail
  • need to see the cute pictures of peoples kiddies - then fail
  • need to keep in touch with family all over the world - then fail
  • need to keep in touch with friends who I don't get to see to often - then fail
  • need a place to post what's on my mind - then fail
  • need an extra place to laugh at what are on other peoples mind - then fail
  • need a place to be reminded of all my friends birthdays b/c I sure can't keep up with them - then fail
  • need a place to see fun pictures of peoples lives ALL the time- then fail
  • need to see wedding pictures b/c I love wedding pictures - then fail
  • need to keep up with Oprah - then fail
Facebook is a part of my everyday life. As you can tell the list can go on and on. Even though I want to quit facebook - it wouldn't be likely because all these various aspects are a part of my life. I enjoy them. I have great friends and I like to be kept updated. I have important people whom I love but I don't have enough time to spend one on one. I do my best to make socializing an important part of my week because I love laughing, chatting and having a good time. When I am so busy facebook gives me the freedom to get my work done and still keep in touch virtually, just not one on one.

So here is my note to you facebook - you suck and rock at the same time.

Alright back to work I go...smiles

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