March 22, 2011

Girlfriend trip XoXo

Ever wonder what happens on a girlfriend trip?

  • oranges, bananas & diet coke
  • drive for an hour and a half talking 'til our throats hurt so we drink hot water 
  • end up going to the wrong boarder portal
  • drive an extra 2 hrs to get to the right boarder portal
  • get rejected (which is what we wanted haha)
  • say hi to the intimidating men with guns turn back and get back what we need to get done
  • eat vegetarian spaghetti in estevan
  • stop in weyburn to become a true Canadian and see tommy douglas
  • see a train with a Canada sign on it and decide it was meant to be
  • laugh all the way home cuz we froze our bums off while outside the car

This is my dear friend Tracy. We made a milestone together, for the second time...first time at her baptism in 2006 i think? and then again this weekend. 

I am sOOOooO happy for her. love you girl

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  1. Gorgeous photos of Tracy! Man, I love this girl! <3