March 29, 2011

On the bright side XoXo

Well - I spent my weekend
  • working as usual
  • playing phase 10 with the my girlfriends and my funny hilarious husbuddy
  • watched MoonStruck with my love
  • crafted up a storm
  • spent my sunday with the BEST primary ever - don't even compare cuz ya'll know lewvan is where it is at - hehe
  • thinking about homework. Ya you heard me right thinking about homework. I have a lot to do this week - to much in fact that I realized I feel a bit relieved/overwhelmed. Overwhelmed b/c I have 6 assignments to get accomplished. Relieved b/c this is my last semester of courses for my undergraduate degree. I have my major practicum and then I am done.
Luckily I have a great husbuddy who supports, comforts and motivates me all throughout the process. I am so grateful for him. Every day that I pray - I make sure to tell Heavenly Father that I am grateful for him.

You know I always hear the advice that "you can't do it all". Sometimes I think I better get my act together b/c I want to do it all haha. I want to spend my lifetime accomplishing life. All I can think of is that I want to knit, blah, blah, blah, and the list goes on and on - trust me. I have no idea why I like to be so busy and it will be a life-long process trying to figure it out. But this is what life is all about experiencing and for that I am grateful b/c so far it has been a life-long experience that I love.
Today for journal purposes I thought I would write out my day in a nutshell:

7:15 - pick out my clothes, jump in the shower and then be dressed by 7:30
7:30 - throw a load in the laundry
7:35 - go and kiss husbuddy 
7:40 - check emails and read facebook for the weather (not even kidding) then see the accuracy on my weather app.
7:44 - pack school bag, read some school notes, pack diet coke, have josh pack me a lunch
7:50 - brush my teeth, comb my hair
8:00 - dash out to my practicum and do my make-up during the stop lights.
8:30 - be at my practicum (today I spent my time at the psychiatric ward and at drug court) 
4:30 - head home relax while in the car and listen to my music
4:45ish - check emails, edit photos, work on a few essays, eat something, do laundry, be extremely excited for all the blessings that are being mailed to me.
5:30 - touch base with josh over the phone (I am on my way out to work and he is on his way from school)
6:00 - be at work with my client
9:15ish - come home work on papers with my husbuddy while watching a movie and probably folding some laundry or cleaning out of pure boredom from doing my homework. Josh is a great study partner - he is such a smarty pants.
1:30ish - is probably when I will be in bed tonight - this is my husbuddy and I's time to talk about our day, our thoughts, pray and read our scriptures together. We are generally overtired at this point and we giggle ourselves to sleep....
This has been my usual tuesday this semester - I am glad to say that one more week and I won't have to do this kind of tuesday for a while. Yay.

I love my life. each day is different. each day brings something new. each day brings me closer to what means most in my life. each day is an adventure.

XoXo from NY's day to yours. Thank you for reading - to all my readers I appreciate you.


  1. Nicole this blog suits you so perfectly! The music, the way you write, the pictures....amazing, like you!

  2. Jen you blog? Say what!? Fill me in - p.s thank you so much you are so sweet. :D Have a great day girl!

  3. I love that you gave yourself only 4 mins to check email/weather but 5 minutes to kiss Josh!!!!