March 16, 2011

Pretty I see: Vol. 1

Lately, I have been carrying my camera with me everywhere I go and I am really excited because there are a lot of pretty things. I just want to take pictures of all the pretty things and this post will be dedicated to the pretty things I see


21st Ave filled with lots of puddles. Right now its very puddly outside and I am loving it to pieces. As I mentioned before I am wearing my pink booties non-stop it is so fun.

Dessarts - a great sweet shop here in Regina filled with delicious treats and goodies

Vintage and classic candies available for purchase. The rockets, and suckers are bringing back so many of my childhood memories.

I saw this in one of the alleys and fell in love with the 3024 1/2 entrance sign on the side of the building.

The freehouse is a great place and i am lovin the sides of the building, so unique.

Spring has sprung everybody is out and about walking around all over Regina.

I decided to look up to the top of the church in the cathedral area it had a nice look

I am loving the taxi that flew by as I was talking this photo. I am completely obsessed with all these house designs and the colour. I think it is one of my fav. spots in the whole city.

I can't get enough of the street it is so dazzling. I am also a little crazy about that retrovise sign - such a cute boutique.

Stopped in an alley and saw these beautiful roses.

Four horses of a variety of colours.

A handi-capped parking space with the "birds eye view" print and an eye of sorts above it.

A gianormous goldie fish

Welcome to Regina!


  1. Great photos Nicole! What kind of camera do you have? The colors are fantastic! So bright!

  2. Hey girl thank you! I am using a Nikon D3000. I had the standard lens it came with 18-55mm but I recently got the 35mm f/1.8g - I love it allows so much more natural light plus I am using an editing program :)