April 10, 2011

Surprise from the Husbuddy!

So immediately after I got off of work last night my husbuddy texted me to hurry home! I came home to these lovely and cute Hotdogs (that is what I call them). They are soOOOo cute and I love them to pieces. My beautiful baby boy hot dogs.

Turns out they were not for me. My beautiful sister-in-law was babysitting them and they happened to be  at home when I got there.

I played with them for as much as I could before they had to go and totally fell in love.

oh well. one day. (in the mean time they were so fun and so cute!).

sorry to get your hopes up I couldn't resist. LOL.

Happy Sunday!


  1. the puppies are so cute! I was really jealous there for a minute when I thought Josh got you puppies. I've been trying to convince Ian that we need a puppy for a very long time now but he's not giving in.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! If she is ever puppysitting them again you must call me to come over. I LOVE HOT DOGGIES! Too precious for words!

  3. lol! Too tell you the truth I was thinking "2 puppies!?!?! Those guys are crazy!!!"

  4. they are the cutest ever!

    @christine I hope Ian gives in one day - you should puppysit some for a day and maybe he will change his mind...hehe.
    @nena I hope she puppysits again soon and I will definitely let you know:D
    @ danna Oh man it would have been totally crazy! hahaha