May 30, 2011

Two Years

I'm sorry I get late night grumpies.

I'm sorry my shoes are squished up the nine in our two closets if there were three closets I bet that one would be squished too.

I'm sorry we have tons of stashes of chocolate of different kinds and colours.

I'm sorry about hiding the chips.

Im sorry we have to go to superstore but seriously that place rocks.

I'm sorry I have way to much laundry.

I'm sorry I always have to pee when you do but love I really got to go more than you.

I'm sorry I need my blankie in order to sleep at night.

I'm sorry you can't toot in the room.

I'm sorry that we have to edit each others essays.

I'm sorry we do crazy double dares.

I’m sorry I don’t cook that much.

But remember I'm not sorry for waking up to you. I'm not sorry for kissing you every chance I get and I will never be sorry for loving you. 

Happy 2 my forever. I love you

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