July 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day

We had a totally rad Canada Day weekend! We roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, ate watermelon, ate some RED ketchup chips, and Oh - my sweet mother in law made the awesomest red and white canada cake for us. We played a little basketball and were Oh so exited for the fireworks for the Oh Canada Day celebrations.

We took the kiddies to the fireworks where we ate some snacks and sprayed ourselves with tons of mosquito spray (where I still got bit btw) and great friends. It was super fun to see the little kiddies being scared of the fireworks at first but then i told them it would be ok and that we were safe. In the end they LOVED it. We sang oh Canada and we waved our flags. It is great to be Canadian - I love it.

Happy Canada Day!

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