September 2, 2011

New fabulous 'do'

So I got a hair cut! I am really excited about it. I am finally cleaning up my image and taking care of myself. ha! can you believe it? Yesterday, to begin cleaning up my image, I realized my eyebrows were looking real bushy. So I went out and got my brows waxed and then realized I needed a trim bad so then I got myself a spiffy new hair cut from my girl Kelsey. I am really excited about it, it can do many things;

^^like this...^^

 ^^and this...^^
^^and a little bit of this...^^
^^and a little bit of that...^^
^^and this one will bring shame to the family.^^
^^and most of can do this! ^^

I love my new hair cut!


  1. FAB-U-LOUS!! That totally makes me want to get my hair cut short again...thanks a lot Nic....I was trying to grow it out!

  2. sooooooooooo cute! I cant wait to see it in person!

  3. luv luv luv the hair!!!

  4. Cute! Nice new do Nicole! Getting new hair is fun!


  5. yay for new haircuts! and yay for short hair!!! its the best. Spunky and easy to style. Doesn't get better than that!

    -Heather from

  6. Oh thank you so much guys! I really am loving it so fresh and SOOOO nice!