October 15, 2011

Killer the killer.

So for thanksgiving we dashed to my family's home. It was really lovely. The trees were half and half with colour.  It kinda felt like half summer and half fall because some of the trees had that partly green partly yellow thingy going on. The cool part about going back home is that our house is surrounded by trees. Not like your average tree, more like when the leaves start falling off it gives it that little spooky edge and it takes forever to rake the leaves. haha

After our thanksgiving dinner we decided to head out side to work off some of the turkey pounds  i mean rake some leaves. Which feels pretty much impossible when your house is surrounded by a giant forest or ummm er prairie bush?!?

Problem #1: We have two dogs Igor and our newest puppy, Killer. Kayla my sister would like us to call him Zac but I am pretty sure she lost on that one. He is a teenie bopper and he has a serious problem with the rake. Killer was on constant guard and attacked the "claws". He liked to chew on the rake when it tried to do its duty. bahaha. crazy dog.

Problem # 2: Husbuddy used the quad and the giant raker to rake the more vast lawn area. He basically drove around in circles and our leaf piles while we did the dirty work. Thanks Husbuddy.

Problem #3: Then we filled the leaves in frankenstein garbage bags and put them close to the trees. We told Killer "Don't you dare wreck these" in very sternly manner (He understands right?!?!). He did fabulous all evening too, even when we had the bonfire Killer seemed to forget all about those freaky halloween bags. Well the next morning I woke up to a leaf bag massacre! I peeked my head out the front window and Killer had killed 6 of the green frankensteins. Poor guys got slashed open with leaf guts. Thanks killer. You really do your duty of protecting the family from all scary creatures and monsters.

Moral of the story - killer kills. Thanks killer for killing the rake itself and the many frankensteins throughout the yard.

the end.

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