January 18, 2012


(darn glare - always happens with my clear frames)
(that thing is like 3 stories tall)
(hi shark)

For new years - my husbuddy took me on a little adventure to Mall of America (mostly Target though). I absolutely love Gelato and Joshua had never tried. He loved it. We spent a few days trying new things. Exploring. We walked around that huge mall many many times.

We of course checked out the Disney Store, the Aquarium, Ikea and on New Years Eve we spent it at the Waterpark. (I am a serious water junkie nowadays - love to float).

Ok so we stopped at Target everyday and even on the way home (quick goodbye in Minot).

I also realized I can't speak Target. Every time I ordered something this is what I got:

"Can I get a cheese pretzel?" = 1 plain pretzel with cheese dipping

--------->I was suppose to say "Chedder Pretzel" to get an actual Cheese Pretzel

"Can I get a plain pretzel?" = 1 pretzel with salt

---------> I was suppose to say "Reg Pretzel not salted"

"Can I get a pop?" = blank face no response

so I tried this....

"Can I get a large pop?" = 1 reg soda

---------> I was suppose to say "Can I get a Large Soda (and point to the big one).

"Can I get a slurpee?" = huh?

----------> I was suppose to say "ice freeze" (can't even remember now) maybe it was a slushie....

Oh how I miss my dear pretzels. I could live off pretzels.

Another funny story on our little Adventure

My mind is mush now a days. It makes me laugh all the time. While we were in Minneapolis and at Target - Joshua had said we needed to buy Scissors. (Didn't phase me ...by all means buy scissors?!?). We were in the car right out of target after we bought the scissors. Stinking thing had those nasty plastic things that required scissors to even cut them before we used the scissors.

I opened the glove compartment and passed Joshua some spare scissors that I had just remembered I had always kept in the car.

Joshua looks at me and laughs

Oh yeah I forget we had scissors.

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