February 24, 2012

Week 24

The Bump at 24 Weeks and (1 day)! Ta da...it is so round and like out there!

~New this week~

  • JUST got a new hair cut. THANK GOODNESS. Seriously, my hair is growing a mile a minute. I just cut it at the end of December and it was super long! Even my hairdresser said so.
  • the belly button has gone outie these past few weeks. It is super weird. I was trying to push it back it in but nope that sucker wants out.
  • I have had to wake up officially twice a night to go PEE.... last night might have been 3 times.
  • I am experiencing the weirdest dreams ever ...last night I dreamn't I was in a new transformer movie and we were in two time warped worlds and the drug dealers were after us. Luckily I was on my skateboard (you know and pregnant too) and I was able to fling my skateboard slow motion into a tree that saved the world. and then I woke up, and had to go pee again.
  • what the snap! No stretch marks on my bump yet BUT I totally got stretch marks on my booty. Like dang
  • I feel like a broken faucet. I watched the Fox and the Hound and it was barely started and I just balled my eyes out. I had to walk away and hold my baby/bump. I felt so bad for the little fox who lost his mother. The sweet little puppy basset hound was so cute. Now,  I suddenly have a strong desire to own a basset hound. even typing this makes me weepy.
  • ps. there is REALLY no hiding him now. can't even wear big sweaters haha. I have been getting lots of belly rubs this past month. It is weird and cool how people like to feel him.
happy weekend!


  1. My hair was the exact way, it grew fast and thick. My hairdresser said its because of all the hormones that are in your system right now. As soon as Rayne was born i went through 3 months of lots of hair loss. Be prepared lol....ps i'm super jealous of your bump, i hardly had one until the last two months. You are super cute!!!!!

    1. Oh I have been reading lots on hair growth and hair loss horror stories. I am prepared with the big guns. My friend knows a place in regina for a special shampoo that is pricey but WORKS. I have that as a back up plan just in case any balding *gulp* happens. Thank you so much Jenn! Getting used to it after all these months. It sucks not having a waistline anymore but all is well. :D take care! thanks for the love!