April 18, 2012

Thoughts {during pregnant}

Hola Amigos! 

I thought I would drop a line and say hi! Me and Husbuddy have been enjoying ourselves a little bit to much. Lots of movie renting, ice cream, exercise and party planning. Yup.

Over the weekend, I organized a shower with the help of some great friends for a dear friend who had a baby girl. It was pretty rad and totally exhausting. I've been forgetting I'm not as long-lasting as I used to be. I seem to wear out within 7 hours instead of the "all day" long schedule I use to go through. My feet were so swollen.

Me and Joshua have been getting our exercise on when the weather cooperates. I love riding my bike so while joshua runs, I ride my bike next to him. It is so funny to bike ride because my knees stick out more. Poor things won't close. Although, I love staying active whether it is by walking, swimming or biking. I am just trying to staying healthy.

I work 8:30 - 3:30 mon-fri so it is finally nice to have a normal schedule after all these student years of working around the clock in and out. I have days when I craft it up or days when I spend lots of time pondering at Toys R Us which contraption our baby will sleep in. We finally decided on a bassinet for the first few months (an easy travel accessory) so we can visit my dear mom whenever we want and for when we move.

Right now our little home can get super messy or it can be super clean. I get a pedicure every month as a special treat to myself. While ome days I just lay in bed reading all kinds of books.

My dreams have been getting weirder and weirder. I have dreams where I am the worst mom ever or I have just given birth only to find out it has been a girl. Lately, they {the dreams} have been what my baby will look like. I am so curious to meet him.

He is a very active little guy. He kicks alot throughout the day and the other times are hick ups or stretching of some sort. He especially kicks just before bed and joshua rests his hands on his tummy and he goes wild again.

I can hardly wait.

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