September 5, 2012

where have i been?

Where do i start?
Ever since Winston was born we have been so busy - sounds like it is our first time being parents eh? No but seriously - our summer has literally flown by in the most wonderful ways possible.

We have enjoyed every minute. Whether these minutes have been spent with family 'oooOOooing' and 'ahhing' over our dear son or enjoying every ounce of the summer olympics, and/or most importantly, preparing for our big move to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania of the beautiful USA.

Big right?

I know. I am still quite amazed myself.

Lots has happened.

Get this! Even though our lives have been turned upside down and around in the best ways. I am happy to announce that we have made it our goal to document and take photos everyday of this journey in parenting and raising our children from the first minute, and moreso since we are so far away and on our own. One day we hope to share with the world a little part of our daily adventure.

but in the meantime, I can't explain how much love and happiness is in my heart. When we look into Winstons eyes and into his always smiling countenance we always 'kindly debate' over who looks more like who. ba! Joshua almost always wins.

I am a sucker for these two redheads.


thank you for all your love and support. It has meant the world to us.

we love you.

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  1. what a wonderful way to document, as you say, your journey...and to keep others in the loop...just hope life doesn't get in the way, which it surely will, and we as the onlookers will understand the always, luck and love! xo the gardiners