November 15, 2012

Messy Bits

I really love being a mummy especially to our Winston. He brings out the best in me, much like his father. Being a mom is fun because we try to see and do neat activities for his curious spirit. Only tummy time creeps up in there for a bit and I am pretty sure Winston loves it. ha! He has learned some pretty cool tricks the past couple of weeks like blowing on his thumb. He sounds like a little elephant from the zoo. Only he likes to do this when he is finished nursing so you know, milk goes flying all over momma. He has become an expert sitter upper and loves when mummy and daddy sing disney songs.

Every time I look at him I feel like he is getting to be a bigger baby boy everyday. I almost want to cry so instead I give him a million kisses and tickle his neck and he does the same to me. I just love him so.

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