January 27, 2013

This One


So today is a special day. You get the inside scoop of our messy home. Ok. I lie. One day I will have to  take photos of our really super rad student apartment that I love. I really do love. and really not lying. I love my home. *lots of smiling*

Speaking of smiling. Don't you just love this kid? I love all babies so so much that I too, need to share. I get it now. I really do get it. Why people post photos of their adorable children no matter what age they may be. Right mom and sweet mother(in law)?! wink. wink. Those two have pictures of me all over their house or I would like to think they do.

Meet smiley pants.

1 comment:

  1. i love his little grin. he is such a cutie! it was great seeing you at Christmas...good old SK!