February 23, 2013

Be Mine

I love the holidays. I love a reason to spruce things up a bit around the home. It always looks so festive and purdy. We had a leftover brown paper Trader Joe's Bag and I thought we would recycle it for some Valentines Decor. So I pulled out my crafts, string and paper and went at it. Plus I really love a good reason to make stuff for free.
We had a good love day. For Valentines, I ordered these really cute earrings from etsy {thought I would have husbuddy splurge on me for love day and I love them}. Winston made his special valentines at our friends house for a craft date. Then all three of us had a little dinner in paris right on our kitchen table. I decided I would try and make homemade heart french bread with some 'french brie' for husbuddy. Oh and of course, you can't forgot the cup of apple juice on the side.

Here is Winston making his valentines. Please note that he is focusing really hard to make sure that the love is just right and also, to make sure it tastes really good. Say hello to our sweet little buddy and sweet mama Laura. 

Hope you all had a lovely love day!

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