February 26, 2013

Monica & David

Gosh! Ok, if you have not seen this documentary yet please make time for this one. You will not be disappointed. The other day I was scrolling through Netflix to find a documentary and saw one called Monica & David. I knew I had to watch this one. I loved every moment and I am seriously so in love with this couple. I feel like this couple is probably the truest and most forgiving honest couple I have ever seen through the media. After working with people with disabilities over the years, I feel like this is such a good message to many of us who sometimes take life for granted. I also feel so much gratitude to the incredible family that these two have and the many other families who do so much for their loved ones.

I cried because that is just the type of person I am. This is what I believe in. 

rent it. netflix it. google it. just please make the time. 


Also, if you haven't already please stop by and like Matty's page on Facebook. I am so privileged to know these people. 

just so you know. 

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