April 9, 2013

Boys and Mom

Winston is a little busy body lately getting himself into lots of trouble. Last week, he decided to let go of the rocking chair and ended up busting his lip against the ottoman. It happened all so fast. I was so shocked that he was trying to walk that I completely missed him on his way down. It was more a tiny cut but the blood had me traumatized. The next day, I quickly ran to the kitchen to grab something and heard a gag. Winston found a penny {that I was sure I picked up}. I was screaming and doing my CPR. After what felt like forever, I was balling my eyes out crying and finally, Winston puked it up. I was so scared. The next day after that, he smashed a vase. Holy Smokes! Thank goodness the vase completely missed him on the way down, but seriously people. I feel so inadequate as a mother sometimes and feel that I am not doing enough to protect him. I do not want to shelter forever though and that is the part I am still learning.

I feel like I am starting to grasp what it means to be a parent and what it means to have a loving heavenly father. He has established a plan for us to learn here on the earth. I want Winston to experience life and I don't want him to get hurt because he is my baby boy. I don't want any scars on him or any bumps but I know it is necessary for us because in the end it makes us who we need to be. As much as it hurts to see my baby get hurt, I know I have to provide the necessary teachings and instructions to show him how it works. Obviously, he is a little baby right now but I feel like everyday I am getting more prepared for the next day. Parenthood changes everyday and then my learning curve starts again. ha!

We are learning to make family traditions and routine. I am learning to put my trust in not only heavenly father but also my Husbuddy, Winston and myself, as a mother and wife. We have big decisions ahead of us but that makes me more excited for life.

After the 3 days of straight-up accidents we decided to get out and enjoy life because life is to be enjoyed and that is exactly what we will do.

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