January 31, 2010

Fresh Start

Oh Heart....

February 1st is just around the corner, and I am so happy. I love new beginnings and I especially adore the beginning of the week. One, might wonder what is so special about February 1st, well perhaps nothing and perhaps to me, everything. In my world today, I am especially excited because this is the start of my new years resolution.

You must be wondering, that it is strange to have goals at the beginning of February, when one should be starting goals at the beginning of January, when maybe the majority of the world is embarking on new years resolutions. For many years, I have observed the slacking of others and especially myself on obtaining goals that are set on New Years. Hence, I have decided to start my own tradition and start goals on February 1st. I hope this tradition holds true to my new endeavor for the years that come.

Goal #1 - Keep Good Traditions
Goal #2 - Re-learn to use a sewing machine, and begin making my designs into clothing

Goal #3 - Learn how to "Preserve" or a.k.a "Canning"

Goal #4 - Make the time to Exercise 3 x week (My Calendar which will be covered with Disney Stickers every time I work out. Y'all seriously I really need your motivation. I decided on posting a weekly result blog about if i made my goals, world I need your motivation. What do you think about me posting the results on Saturaday's?)

Goal #5 - Be obedient to the personal goals Joshua and I have set together

Goal #6 - Continue to do well in school (My usual workstation @ the school library)

Goal #7 - See a new temple.

This is not all of them...but I hope I can endeavor to accomplish the set goals. Yayness.


  1. Those are ALL worthy goals, and I'm sure you'll reach all of them. Good luck and keep pressing forward!

    WAY cute blog, by the way!

  2. Thank you Bobbi-Jo - I love your comment and your inspiration!!!

    PS Let me just say I heart your blog...I keep telling joshua I would like photoshop for my birthday or christmas...hahaha.

    Later Gater