February 3, 2010

519 days of Bliss

Joshua and I have been insepearable for almost 519 days, 18 months or 1 year and a half. Since Joshua has been home from his mission, we have spent every day together. We have not spent one day apart. We have been married for 8 months now, and it is going great. I can't believe in 4 months we will be celebrating 1 year. I hear they say if you can make it past one...you'll be good and okay. Phew, thank goodness! As Valentines is almost approaching and Feb 10th is making its way. I thought I should post this, because next week will be way too busy!
Joshua and I wrote each other every week of his mission for 2 years, and dated a bit before he left. I have known him since I was 16 years old. He is my best friend. This is for you, Darling.

Joshua, I fall in love with you even more every day. Like the way you laugh when you really think something is REALLY funny, particularly that light squeak that comes out - now that makes me laugh. I love it when you have something to share, and when you are genuinely interested in a topic ...you show it. The way your forehead crinkles when your studying, and the way you read - now that is something special. I love it when we don't even say anything funny, and we laugh until our stomach hurts really bad. I love the way you look when you laugh, like when you laugh until you tear up... it makes the whole situation even funnier.

The way you look when you wake up in the morning, and the soft features that display when you are asleep. I love the conversations we have that keep us up late, pretty much almost every night. I love the way you love to help me and say "What can I do love?". I love your attempts to cook something, even though it is only eggs, you have made all sorts of eggs that I could not even dream of. I love the socks you leave on the ground, even though it drives me crazy, it really spices up my day.
I appreciate the chores you do, even though you are the busiest person I know. I especially adore it when just before we go to sleep, you tickle and rub my back to help me get to sleep first. When we first got married, those first few weeks were hard. Somebody kept me up all night, ever hour because they were snoring. I don't even recognize it any more, in fact it comforts me.

I love it when, every time we pray together, you need to hold my hand. I love your positive attitude and at the same time, your positive 'critical thinking mind'. Husbuddy, you always are researching something and telling me random bits of somebody's history or interesting facts about something. I learn something from you every time.

I love that you have a strong desire for higher learning. I love it when I am reading a book, you come and cuddle up next to me. Particularly, when your cuddlings turns into reading and when we tell each other to "hurry up I want to turn the page". I love it when we tell each other the ending of something, okay maybe that is just me but i still love it, even though you get frustrated. I love that we take turns to watch your movies and my chick flicks. Even though deep down, I know you love those chick flicks too.
I love when I finish cooking a new recipe or after making something cute....you always say the nicest compliment that truly means the world to me. I love it when I am sick, you make sure you rub my hair, because sometimes really that is all you can legitimately do. However, you are the best doctor I know. I love it when we have our debates about anything and everything. We can disagree and argue over different matters and sometimes it is good and sometimes it ends heated. They are always fun though, life is interesting with you, my love.
I love it when I am stressed over an essay or freaking out over being over tired. You rub my back and you give me encouragement every minute of any situation. I love that way you look and how you say you feel after teaching your sunday school class. My heart burns when you share your testimony. My heart swell's when you say you love me, and kiss me on the cheek. I love that we are already so anxious for the children that will come into our lives. I love the way we pray for them. Darling, I love you and thank you for the 519 days of Bliss.

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