February 4, 2010

Fashion Love Obsessions: Winter Harmony

Oh goodness!

The greatest thing I love about winter, is the clothing. All though you can barely see any clothing because...everyone is wearing the cutest parkas & covering up...which don't get me wrong may be modest...finally. As fun and depressing as parka's & winter may be, it is always fun to look forward to spring wear. In the meantime why not enjoy the winter wear - make life fun and entertaining since I hear good Ol' Saskatchewan has another 6 weeks to go = Boo Who! What can we expect its Saskatchewan?! Enjoy my half crazy collection obsessions of spring and winter.

The Pretty Touque

I love the heart busty thing going on. Would go nice with an under cami or a cardigan

Be Mine Dress - I love the Ruffles and the Sleeves

Fluffy Puffy Frill...Gosh its pretty
Coolest Cardigan of My life!

Alicia Keys Is my Inspiration for Fashion

Digging the Diva Fur Thing = Lovely

Pretty Blue Flats

Since the beginning of the Christmas season...early November. I just can't get enough of Black & White. You rock girlfriends.

Bow mania for a relaxed day Hello!
Oh Deer, I love the prettiness. XOXoxoxo

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  1. Ha ha.. I love them all! Great picks for spring!