February 9, 2010

Well it's happening again

What is happening you might ask? Hmm...let's just say i have a little friend who I pay a 1$ for. This person could not be my friend, unless I pay them. I know ....sad, talk about rude. It just couldn't be possible. Our relationship is based on money. I can't help it, though I would pay this person to be my friend...they help me through the tough times. Every once a while I call it up, and say "hey I need you right now...its tough!". Being the good friend it is, it comes to my rescue!

We all have those people for support when we need it, right? I am thankful for friends, because without them...I don't know what would happen. Friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are fun, some are boring but they are all unique. Friends are necessities! I love all my friends, they are all so awesome!!! I love my work friends, church friends, high-school friends, child-hood friends, husbuddy friend (note there should only be one or they might not be your friend), acquaintances (they can still be friends), and my other favorite...university friends.

This week is especially busy with midterms and assignments. Except for the past 4 to 5 days, I haven't had any sleep. I am done almost everything (homework wise) ahead of time pretty much so far this semester, and I still can't go to bed early!!!! Dang it. I can't fall asleep even though I am tired beyond exhaustion. I try to go to bed at 11pm, but I just can't do it. Soon enough 3am hits, and I am wide awake....trying not to think about anything except for my special pillow.

Then the dreadful part, morning...ughh. Off to class to go, off to studying I go, off to work I go, off to home chores I go...and then I am throwing water on my face to keep myself up.

I am loyal person and a friend...or so I would like to believe. However, when it comes to these times I break down and give my friend a shout and sure enough, they come.

Thank you Friend...for being there


  1. Thanks theresa - your a doll..by the way cute outfit way back sundays ago