January 21, 2010

I just realized I am still crazy

Well as of now, I just realized I am still crazy! I was trying to find a picture for my profile and came across this bad boy...i mean bad girl. I thought I should spice up my blog by added a blogpost with it. Mainly this is a bad black mail picture that was shown at my wedding ...thanks to my awesome possum sister...Kayla. P.s Kayla I love you. Anyways, so today I decided to blackmail myself. As a result, my husband too gets blackmailed...

We had a great start to a new year, Joshua and I have moved into our first little place ...the cutest apartment of my life. Life has become really entertaining, I am learning how to cook. I am using one of my christmas presents from santa... my lovely Kitchen Aid and I absolutely love it! I made the best banana loaf ever and to my surprise....Joshua ate it ALL!
I have a feeling this little instrument will become one of my favorite friends this year...I don't know how it will effect my getting healthy goals. I am thinking it will work a lot better if I am able to give service (by giving of goods) through this fantastic machine, therefore saving my getting healthy plan will work. Either way I am excited for life.

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