January 24, 2010

Winter Bliss

Well, there is currently a blizzard in Saskatchewan, and it is crazy as usual. However, for the past couple and a half weeks we have been experiencing spring weather (+4C). I have been wearing sweaters as coats instead of my usual parka. It should be the north pole here, but no, apparently not. Well, at least until today that is, or yesterday night. Today we are snowed in our home! So there was no church for us, I don't remember the last time I stayed and missed church because of the weather. The church is nearby, and even -50c can't keep us in. Our little corolla could not handle the roads surrounding it. It's funny because everyone was trying to drive out, even though we are all stuck.

Joshua and I made a good lunch, and Joshua taught our family of two (me & him) a good spiritual lesson. I also made bows for my nieces and cousins for Valentine's day - thanks to the internet world teaching me how...y'all rock. I was able to enjoy a spa hour - eyebrows, facial masks, & nails (hands & feet).

So I suppose it's not so bad being stuck in the house and forgetting the russel and bustle of life. On any given Sunday we love visiting our parents and really wanted to visit them. So we made the trek and dashed into the blizzard. We made it all the way to the bay and got stuck!! Everyone came out and helped us push ourselves out. I can't believe how crazy it is out there!! What an experience?! But a wonderful one...I was able to watch fiddler on the roof for the very first time in my life! What a wonderful movie, and it really made me feel grateful for the wonderful things I have in my life.

After today, I am thinking to myself...that I really am sad that it is almost Monday! I rather like snow days with family and good fun filled activities particularly on Sunday's...toodle doo

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