February 25, 2010

Fashion Love Obsessions: Pastels & Orange

My goodness, I can't get enough of it!!! I am so obsessed with light orange colors....with a mixture of light brown, and funky pink!! Okay basically I am loving all pastel colors!!! I am so, so excited for SPRING!! Like you wouldn't believe!!! EEep. Hope you enjoy!

1. Mary Kate & Ashley they never get old in my books. FULL HOUSE All the way

2. Orange Polka Dots romance tee...hello!
3. Bob with Curls

4. Cute Sandals

5. Spicy Red dress...there is so much you can do with this!!
6. Stripes, Pastels, accessories, fluffle, need I say more?

7. light blue and ruffles..yummy
8. Orange Bliss...sweetness
9.Flower patterns and brown polka dots...happy

10. Boots with tights and a sweet dress...oh my goodness... I am so sad winter is almost over..but then again my legs are needing the sunshine!!

Tehehe...CHOW! Click on the photo to see the Source

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