February 28, 2010

I Believe...

What a good 17 days! Never in my life have I ever made the time to watch athletes compete in the Olympics - like Seriously!?!? This is the first time ever, I use to always think they were so boring. I can tell you one thing, I am a complete addict and am a huge fan of the Olympics from this day forth!
Canada not being able to achieve the top medal count is okay by me. Hello!? We won the hockey game and we won the most gold medals in winter history!! So guess what - true north strong and free - I sure am Canadian!!! I sure love poutine, I sure love my touque and I sure love the place I live. I like our Kit-kats better than those stink'n American Kit-kats - no offense Americans, but you need to try ours...they are juicy. P.s - we totally rock the snow. Yes, Vancouver enjoyed their warmest winter ever, which I think is hilarious!

What I loved about the Olympics, was the spirit of being Canadian and embracing it!

Go Canada Go!

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