March 9, 2010

My Romanian Sister

Today I thought I would write about my dashing Romanian Sister - she is not really Romanian...because actually she is serving her mission in Romania! She has been there for almost a year, and has been on her mission since last January 2009. I can't believe she is almost done!! I remember that early morning she was getting on the plane to go to head to the MTC - that girl was smiling from ear to ear! Her dream had finally become a reality!

Many years ago - we met in 2006, and then we were crazy room-mates for 9 months, and now we are hoping to be eternal best buddies!! We use to be very different her and I, we had different likes, different interests, even different conversations. Over time as we listened intently to one another, we became inseparable!! We talked about the gospel almost all the time, and we talked about the funny things that happened in our days. We discovered that a majority of our likes were the same, our interests were the same, and we still had many many things to talk about all the time!

We talked on the phone to each other at work, school, eating times, and especially night times right before we went to bed. We can talk for hours without running out of things to say. I love that women! We can argue, we can laugh, dance, have great times and have sad times. We are like sisters.

She was preparing her mission paper's just before Joshua came home from his mission. She was called to serve in Romania and left 3 months later. She was sad, because she was going to miss my wedding. We emailed each other right before and after I got married. It was like she had not missed a thing - it was like she had been there all along, except she was celebrating in Romania and I, in Canada. Ha ha We both knew in our hearts that, that was how it was suppose to be.

To this day, we email every week! I am her mission mother - I often ask her random question's like "do you still brush your teeth?" ...he he. She laughs and so do I, the miles between us do not stop our laughter and love for each other. They said that her mission was to be a tough one, that people did not like the church - which is true alot of people are not open to the church. However, Nofa has a personality that is so warm, and so loving that she can be any one's friend. She is a successful missionary in teaching the people of Romania the gospel! She has seen the people of Romania soften their hearts to listen to the restored gospel on the earth. People have surely come unto Jesus Christ, and have been baptized. She is an amazing missionary, and she is an amazing friend, and sister to her family and to those that she meets anywhere. I love her very much, and I know the Lord is on her side as she dedicates her time to him.

Sora Slaeman, We love you and we cheer for you everyday.


Nicole & Joshua Yawney

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