March 18, 2010


Dear Life,

You make me nervous. Sometimes you have so much going down it is either too much fun or too exhausting. This week your just plain exhausting, is it because I am getting old? Is that why you make me nervous life? Is it because you bring many challenges that sometimes seem difficult and then sometimes, are so easy. No not easy, I mean smooth...yes, smooth. Life seems smooth sometimes, except I guess that is when the road gets bumpy eh? Time to refine my spirit and testimony to realize a better pathway of living life. I think that is it, right?

Life you know who you are, you brought me into this lovely world, and for that I am thankful. I have come to the gospel and have come to know my Heavenly Father, my creator. The more days go by, the more I learn about what I need to do.

I received great revelation this past weekend. We were able to attend our sister's (okay josh's sister - Joshua and I have a tendency to call my siblings and his siblings that more often, hopefully neither of our families mind...hehe. Well if you object , we will not change our ways because too bad we love you!). We went to the church that Sunday and the person speaking said some really insightful information that really brought everything together.

You know those "bring it together" moments!? The moments where someone says something at the right time, at the right moment and it is especially for you. Yes?! See I knew I wasn't alone on the matter. The spirit taught me very valuable information. It's been a while since I have had those moments and I think it is because I have been far too busy. Yes, too busy to stop and listen to the important things in my life. Well, I am listening....okay not right now - I am practically falling asleep over here, and listening to relaxing music to simmer my soul. Trust me, I am thinking of those thoughts. The more I think, the more grateful I am and appreciate of life's lesson's and pathways.

Okay see ya life - gotta run.

Take care

Xoxo Nicole

P.s the other day I saw these walking through the grocery store and I thought of you.

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