March 27, 2010


Oh dear, I am in serious love! Well, of course my lovebug and husbuddy the J-man is forever No. 1! I have found the most amazing sweetness ever, and it has been like this ever since I came back from New Mexico! That sweetness happens to be clogs and I am on a hunt! Cloggy, Cloggin, Clogger, clogs?! Whatever you wish to call it - I am in heart! I've been to every store in the cornwall and I have not found the pair yet...sure there was this one pair, but it didn't satisfy...and I've turned to the internet. I certainly have joined the clog band wagon, and they shall be my summer shoe loves! I dream for cute and comfy and if they come together than FANTASTIC! Yippee I am so excited, I can hardly wait until the pair makes its way to my shoe closet!

I need your advice's always hard to make the purchase of buying shoes on the internet! So I need your help, and if none of them are cute enough...keep searching or post links to even cuter clogs! Take a look, what do you think?

1) This one I really like...2) This one is so sweet and would be nice to wear

But I am so undecided... I haven't see the "pair" if you know what I mean...*sigh* Help!? Want to send some links for some sweet websites?

1 comment:

  1. I am not a fashionista by any stretch, but I really like the first pair. I'm sure you could rock either pair, though :)