March 30, 2010

Rick Springfield

Ode to music is what I say! I am sitting here in the library a bit before 10 O' clock at night...thinking of the future. Particularly in regards to tomorrow and the day after that. Especially, when I can taste the light at the end of the tunnel. It is that time of year again spring has sprung, and summer is coming around the corner. The snow has melted and I am currently wearing yoga shorts, and a light coat to co-work with my student appeal. My gorgeous husband is sitting across the table, typing up the 10 page paper we both have due tomorrow (Joshua and I are both in the same business management course and it certainly has been entertaining). Don't worry we don't even talk with each other in regards to what we are individually going to write, and luckily we are both competitive in a good way. We have packed fruit and drinks, and of course a good ol' bag of ripple chips. We are sitting in the fish bowl of the library, and my mind has somewhat sidetracked from what it is suppose to be doing.

Ever since I watched the one and only episode of Oprah last week, I have been addicted to Rick Springfield...haha. I guess its one of my latest fashion love obsessions, because seriously he rocks! Am I crazy or he is Rad? His music has been motivating me! Actually the more I listen to Rick Springfield's music, I have been finding myself (as I stare at Joshua sitting across the table giving a focused look*) to be having a serious crush on Joshua? How weird I am?! If you think about it I think we should permanently have crushes on our significant other eh? I suppose i'm catching that vibe for Jessee's girl!

Anyways here is a tad dose of Ricky and back to work I go!

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  1. Be sure to catch his new music. The CD Venus in Overdrive rocks!