July 2, 2010

I am in love with furniture!

I am a fashion freak and when it comes to those 4 ladies, I admire their diligence to be cute, pretty, classy and flippin expensive. Seriously, who in their right mind can afford the kind of lifestyle they have?!?! I shop at winners, thank you very much...and they are still quite expensive.
Anyways, I was totally in love with Carrie's apartments and let's face it, they are pretty! I didn't so much pay attention to the movie itself...well okay I kinda did, but i strongly critiqued the textures, layers, and styles of each home that was presented throughout the movie.
My favorite internet window shopping site is UrbanOutfitters, b/c seriously let's face it, they have cute stuff and i fell in love with this...
Now, if only they shipped furniture to canada and if only we had a bigger apartment...darn!

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