October 22, 2010

Is it over yet kind of month...

Holy man, this has been the craziest month ever in all of my years of studies. In the past two weeks I have had 5 major assignments due. Not only that, in september I submitted 3 papers. Indicating that I have 8 down and 12 to go. Thank goodness.

I have had a tiny amount of sleep and an enormous amount of diet coke, yogurt, fruit, and water. In this past little bit I have listened to lots of music, read lots of talks on being patient and endurance and have squeezed in a girls night out here and there.

It is so funny at school, my hair has been in a consistent bun. I have worn lots of yoga pants and I have worn no make up. Crash to my diet, that I finally broke down and submitted myself to McDonalds for afternoon lunch!

I am taking three 400 levels for social work (meaning more assignments) and two 300 level of social work. I feel very blessed that all of my marks have been low and high 80s and all this work is finally paying off.

So today now that the weekend is here I need to clean, do laundry and enjoy a couple of days off of studying = happy and balanced.

Today I finally put make up on my face!! I haven't had any since we went to CTK branch this past sunday and then I immediately washed it off. I am almost positive my make up missed my face - tehe. I also put my hair down, and wore something half decent.

Alright back to studying then at 4:00pm I am free. Yay for me and husbuddy.

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